Sunday, March 30, 2014

Lady from Limerick

One Woman's Story

Why is the Lady fromLimerick important?  This play, written by Claude Solnik, a writer and reporter from Long Island, is based on the story of Kathleen Kelly Cregan, a woman who came to New York from Ireland to live the dream of beauty.  The dream was snuffed away when she died following her plastic surgery.
When the battle to learn what happened was played out in a court room, there was settlements in the millions received by the family.  Actually, the family probably didn’t get all the money, the lawyers get paid – and so they should, and there are plenty of fees that come out of it.  Whatever they received it wasn’t the value of someone’s life.   Kathleen used a doctor who had over 30 malpractice settlements against him but was on television and in magazines claiming to be the best at what he did.  Kathleen Kelly Cregan followed a fantasy and used a doctor that was being questioned even by his peers.
Kathleen Kelly Cregan was not a number.  She was someone’s mother and wife.  In the play we will get to know the writers vision of what life might have been like for her in a small town outside of Limerick.  The story of this woman is the story of many people who don’t make the news and don’t have thoughtful writers bringing them back to life. 
Lady from Limerick is not one person’s story.  It is the representation of thousands and thousands of stories that don’t get told.  On April 10, 2014, her story will get told for her. And for all those she represents.  Like the 239 missing passengers who went down with that plane,  Kathleen Kelly Cregan represents at least that many -  because 1 is a number, and she matters too.

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Anonymous said...

There are 440,000 people dying in our country from preventable medical errors. These do not include the figures which are hidden or the gray figures that never made it as part of the statistics. Depending on what article you read, the figures could be anywhere between 750,000 and 1,000,000. This is genocide. Why? Our government is so corrupt they refuse to acknowledge this is happening and are ignoring it. The difference between genocide in the United States and elsewhere is, nobody is singled out. Babies, children, young, old, black, white, all are dying across the board.

Our country passed laws preventing Americans from getting justice and accountability. Americans can not even have the right of due process under our 7th Amendment Constitutional Right. Yet, we preach to the world about "rights" under the guise of respectability. The fact is, we are corrupt and have lost our humanity years ago. We sold our soul to the company store.

Sending you a link to show you the best medical care given in our country could possibly be the veterinarian clinics. Maybe the most merciful way to end a patient's suffering would be pulling the trigger. You judge.

If you find yourself in Texas, make sure your life insurance policy is paid in full.

If you are in NYC, avoid the doctor mentioned. The Texas Medical Board failed to police after their own.

FYI: Dr. Javier Andrade apparently did not do well in New York City and probably is headed your way considering he had a license in Florida for 2 years prior to going to NYC.

Thank you for your time,

Cilla Mitchell

A Texas nurse and US Army vet.