Monday, June 5, 2017

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Changes Needed

Imagine having terrible pain in your leg and going to the doctor who tells you to take some medication and get some rest.  When that doesn’t work you go to physical therapy and then a new medication and more rest.  You follow these instructions and feel worse in the months that follow.  Finally, you wait for another appointment with a doctor a friend recommends who recommends another doctor who sends you to a specialist. 

It takes a few months to get that appointment, work through insurance and finally, a full 18 months following the original misdiagnosis, you get the correct diagnosis that the cancer in your leg has spread throughout your body.  You begin months of treatment concentrating only on saving yourself but it’s too late.  Eight months after the correct diagnosis you find that the treatment, as well as the original diagnosis has been all wrong. Now,  three years after the incorrect diagnosis, you succumb to the cancer leaving your three children under ten years old with no mother.

Your grieving family doesn’t want to sue but they want answers.  No one answers their questions. The doctors or medical practice.  Not even the hospital who cared for you at the very end.  No one responds to phone calls or to letters requesting a meeting.  Now, you need to search for a lawyer and can’t find one.  Read why here:  

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