Monday, April 14, 2014

Lady from Limerick

There is a New Lady in Town

A new play, Lady from Limerick, opened at the Theatre for New York City this past weekend. It is a thoughtful and eye-opening performance based on the true story of Kathleen Kelly Cregan, a woman from Limerick who died in New York after plastic surgery in 2005.

The play includes a monologue from her Park Avenue surgeon, who had 33 malpractice settlements against him. Audience members later said that they could see his side of what went wrong.

During the discussion conducted by patient safety leaders following each night’s performance, audience members described their mixed emotions and "sympathy" for the plastic surgeon, but have also said that they gained greater understanding of a health system that is broken.

"I have been to two Broadway shows this week," one woman said during the discussion. "This is way up there with them."

This is a powerful play, not just because of the spectacular acting, but because we arrive thinking we know what it will be about, but we leave wondering: Can we really "blame" anyone, or is it the system that is letting the public down?

After the Sunday afternoon performance Suzanne Mattei, Director, New Yorkers for Patient & Family Empowerment, handed out a detailed description of the actual case from court records, and a patient’s bill of rights. Mattei led a brief discussion following the play.
Dean Scott Schildkraut, who plays the surgeon and gives a powerful and compelling performance as a doctor who wants to make women beautiful, explained to the audience during one talkback that he researched the doctor and found he had done some important work before this tragic event.
Lady from Limerick leads us on a rollercoaster ride of emotions, wondering who to feel sorry for and asking how this can even be a problem in a modern healthcare system.

Are patients taking surgery seriously enough? Are clinicians being monitored closely enough? Are people being given enough information to make informed choices?
You will laugh and you will cry but most of all, you will think….
You still have time to see it. Next shows are April 17, 18, 19 and 20. Order tickets now or call to reserve your seat: (212) 254-1109


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