Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Letter from a Doctor

I just received a letter back from the doctor who didn't wash his hands.

He wrote in his letter; "I certainly agree with you that hand washing is an important rule to infection control. Health care professionals should certainly wash their hands or use some type of disinfectant gel after completing a patient encounter. Sometimes I will perform one of these methods of hand hygiene immediately after examining the patient while other times I will walk to an adjacent room and perform hand hygiene. On other occasions I may enter am examination room and perform hand hygiene prior to the exam".

I now understand the different methods this doctor uses to perform hand hygiene. He has educated me and explained the procedure he uses. But his thoughtfulness is how he ended the short note:

"As a result of your letter, I believe I will have an even greater appreciation for the importance of hand hygiene in both the office and the hospital setting."

I'm not sure if I would use him again but I surely would like to shake his hand. There's nothing wrong with stopping infections one person at a time. We have to start someplace.

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Berky said...

"Cwazy" that the MD would indicate "sometimes I do it (hand hygiene method) before examining a patient, sometimes after.."
Geez. I'd only hope that if I were the patient, the doctor would have washed his hands before touching me..
And as far as a "disinfectant gel"..this quacker is referring to alcohol-based gels that cause dry irritated skin, have no effectiveness if applied to dirty hands (he might have changed the tire on his Mercedes and neglected to wash before examining his patient), and lose their germ killing power within seconds after applying.
Exactly why educated professionals are migrating towards alcohol-free , rinse free products that are equally, if not more effective, do not cause dry irritated skin, have extended persistency, and are safer and friendlier to the hands.. Products include "Soapopular", "Hy5" and others--good source of info at http://www.handhygienefacts.blogspot.com