Thursday, July 17, 2008

How Heroes Are Made

I believe no one who has had a bad experience with the healthcare system plans to stand in front of a room and tell about it. They do because they want others to learn from their experience and want to make the healthcare system safer. On July 25, 2008 as we remember the people who have lived with a medical injury, lost a loved one or have had a life-altering experience while trusting the healthcare system, 3 women will tell their story and what their experience has done to change their life.

It’s difficult to imagine that there are so many stories and when no one talks about them, no one learns about them so history will continue to repeat itself. If we don’t start sharing information amongst patients and families, who is protected? No one!

A mental health professional, a physician and a mom who pulled her child out of a Long Island hospital and ultimately saved her daughter’s life will all share their stories. Past what the media will tell us, you will learn their life’s lesson’s and what we can learn from each other that we won’t learn elsewhere.

I hope people will join us at Patient Safety Day on Long Island. Visit here for more information.

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