Saturday, May 24, 2008

How Do I Say Thank You?

I have said before that this is lonely work. I'm never sure how many people are helped or if this work is appreciated although I do know that we are saving lives just by the e-mails and letters I receive.

I have known Tony Smith from SAS Real Estate for many years, even before the death of my son which propelled me into patient safety work. First, I knew Tony as a local businessman while I worked at the post office. Then, when I left, we stayed in touch and he became a big supporter and friend of PULSE. It means a lot when people get behind our work since our work is about people.

What a surprise when I looked at the back cover of our local community newspaper and Tony from SAS took out a full page ad about our upcoming Family Centered Patient Advocacy Training Workshop. How do you thank someone who puts their reputation on the line for you? Tony has a great business and has been around a long time. He surely doesn't need my push for him to sell homes. But people need to know what it means for a company to stand behind a groups struggling to do the right thing, for the right reasons and then have a power house give a push.

Thank you Tony!!

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