Saturday, October 13, 2007

My Visit to Idaho

I received my invitation to speak in Idaho many months ago and never really felt the enthusiasm of speaking until after my presentation. In this case, I got to spend 2 1/2 hours with Idaho’s healthcare leaders. I was nervous, as I usually am but in this case, I needed to keep their attention for over 2 hours and leave them with lessons and tools to work with. More important, I need to know that by being there, the people in Idaho will be safer because there will be a better understanding of the patients needs. I loved the extra time and got as much out of working with this group in an interactive setting as they may have gotten.

I was lucky enough to share a car ride back to the airport and then spend time in the airport with some attendees. We got to share more information and had a dialogue about some of the work they are doing. I was told by one hospital leader that he "will never forget" my presentation. He didn't have to say that. All I do is tell stories that I hear from others.

If telling stories matters, than don't we all have them? Is it the way we tell them that matters? I like to share people’s stories and the lessons learned. Everyone should have a voice but many can't use it. I will tell their story, for as long as they let me and anyone wants to hear.....

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