Sunday, October 14, 2007


Yesterday was the anniversary of James’ death. I worry about his mom and think about what brought us together. James died because of his medical care and his mom and family have gone through so much.

It is sad that James died. His mom is a really good lady. I really like her and probably could have been friends with her if we met under different circumstances but sadly, many of the people I meet are people who have had bad outcomes in their health care. I don’t become friends with them all, but a few times I have been blessed with relationships that last.

It breaks my heart that James died. It means that we failed another family. I am - and have been trying to stop deaths like James’ from happening but it still happened. I guess I will feel the guilt too with every injury or death that I can’t stop.

I am sad for James, his family and all the others.

It’s breast cancer month this month. The airline offered lemonade at $2.00 a glass which would then be donated to breast cancer research. I wonder how much money has been collected for patient safety research. How do we memorialize our children? There are no runs or fund-raisers for them. As I get lost in all the pink this month I have to wonder, what about the rest of us?

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