Sunday, November 22, 2020

Payoff For Wrongful Death, Will That Make it Better? Aftermath Explains It


I just watched Arnold Schwarzenegger in the movie Aftermath.  The movie is about a man who loses his family in a terrible accident that killed 271 passengers on two planes.  I’m not giving away anything that isn’t in the trailer.  A person is the cause of the accident.  A terrible mistake.  The devastated father and husband (Schwarzenegger) seeks an apology and is offered payment instead.  At some point he is offered money in exchange for a lawsuit.  The movie is based on his search for an apology.  

There are similarities in this movie to what families go through following the deaths of loved ones due to the medical care they receive.  A terrible accident because of someone’s error, a misjudgment or a system breakdown that causes injury or death is often responded to first with silence, an offer of payment and signing an order to not disclose the amount of the payment and sometimes to never speak about the incident.

Yet, many people say they want to be sure that the incident will never happen again or, no other family has to suffer as they did.  I’m not sure how that will happen when the family is paid off but of course, the attorneys need to be paid and that’s how they get paid, out of the settlement.

If you watch Aftermath, and you have experienced the loss of a family member because of the medical care they received, consider leaving a message on the similarities if you see it.  And can anyone learn from this comparison?

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