Wednesday, February 18, 2015

The Talk on Joan Rivers Lawsuit

Joan Rivers and The Talk
I watched the show The Talk. It opened with the story of Joan Rivers death and a lawsuit her daughter Melissa is bringing against the doctors and facility where the procedure was performed that ultimately killed her.  

A host asked “If you were Melissa, would you be suing?” gives us the impression that everyone who has lost a family member sues.  They don’t and they often can’t.  Not every medical negligence case gets the media attention that Joan Rivers received helping to move it along.  

Sharon Osbourne tells the cheering audience that to make sure this never happens again she would not rest until they all lost their license and she had a “whole chunk of money”. 

Unfortunately,  Ms. Osbourne is leading people to believe that a big chunk of money is what will improve medical care in this country.  It won’t.  When the lawsuit is done and everyone is paid (and attorneys have every right to be paid for their services) what will the change be?  These doctors can go get a license in another state and though this exact behavior may not be the problem, these behaviors can happen again.