Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Recycle the Pickle Jar

The Pickle Jar

I threw the pickle jar in the garbage.  I wasn’t sure if it was washed good enough and I didn’t want to wait to recycle day.  So I threw the pickle jar in the garbage.

If you asked me if I recycle I would say “of course” because actually I do – but not always would be the more honest answer.  I’m not sure where the magazines go so sometimes I throw them in the trash.  Yes, I recycle.  Sometimes if a can has sharp edges and I don’t know what to do I throw it in the trash.  Yes, I recycle. 

I care about the earth too yet often enough I forget - or actually I am knowingling breaking rules for convenience.  Convenience so I don’t have to find an answer or don’t have to obey the rules?  Either way these rules are there for a reason and if I am breaking these rules, my behavior may effect someone else.

Imagine if medical professionals did that.  Oh never you might think?

A patient needs two people to lift her.  The nurse does it herself and drops the patient injuring herself and the patient.  Asking name and birth date – takes too long.  Introduce themselves to the patient – why bother, I told them yesterday who I was.  Check medication with the patient in case the doctor stopped the medication and the order is not in the chart.  Why bother?

If you think they might cut corners, ask your clinician to check your medication, introduce themselves, wash their hands and explain information so you can understand it.  Just because they want to cut corners don’t let it be with you.  Even if the hospital you are visiting encourages staff to do these things and have been recognized for their work, doesn't mean the person walking into your room, or your family members room knows this.  Help them not cut corners.

Cutting corners and breaking rules is not a good thing for patient safety (or the environment)