Saturday, June 25, 2016

Where are the Best Hospitals?

Drug Free School Zone

I drove past a sign in front of a school that said “Drug Free School Zone”.  I wondered if I were starting a family would this give me confidence that my children would be safe from illegal drugs.

Then I hear a commercial that if I buy a mattress, I will sleep better.

The mayor just said that the people going to today’s parade will be safe because of the added police protection.

Here lies a serious problem (my opinion) with society.  I think people believe what they want to believe even when there is room for error.    That means the best, or safest hospital in the country must have all the latest safety equipment?  Or do they have the best food, clean sheets and nice rooms?

I had a conversation last week at a meeting with a woman who I know is highly respected in her business world. We talked about her colleague, someone we both knew who was very, very sick.  She told her colleague that he has to go into a NY City hospital for his very serious condition.  “It’s the best place to be” she told me she explained to him.  This was going back about six months.

I asked her why she thought so and she said it’s just the best. But her colleague insisted on using a Long Island hospital and she told me she couldn’t believe it.

We are often led to believe through advertisements or just because we want someone to have the answers that things will be done for us.  There will be no drugs at the Drug Free School Zone or we will be safe at the parade.  But, we still need to be on the look out at that parade and be part of the safety process.  How can our safety possibly be guaranteed – ever?  It is those of us on the ground who have to be prepared.  The parents who think a safe zone for their children means that their child won’t become involved in illegal drug behavior is mistaken.  They most certainly can.  The person picking up that drug or smoking that joint (or not) is the only one who can really make a change.  Not the sign or even the adults who talk about drug use in schools.

The woman who insisted that NY City hospitals are the only place to be didn’t even have a favorite.  Just any hospital would be better she said.  I didn’t want to debate her on the topic so I just gently explained that there are some great hospitals and healthcare workers on Long Island and if he is closer to family he will have visitors and in an emergency he will be close to his doctors. I explained that it is up to him, and his family to active and engaged and part of that team for the best outcomes.  She said she knew that and he is involved but still  “nope” the city is the best place to be.

I asked her how her colleague is today.  She told me he is fine.  I rest my case.