Saturday, May 14, 2016

Adding to the Transgender Bathroom Conversation

People Who Are Transgender & Bathrooms is That Today's Priority?

Why does the lives of transgender people affect all of us?  Why does it matter to all non transgender people where a transgender person uses the bathroom?  Because it is more than using the bathroom, it is about a society who doesn’t understand and instead of learning, builds a wall. Today it’s about people who are transgender, tomorrow will be about something else.  Leave things as they’ve always been and maybe it will all go away?  Well it won’t go away so we need to be talking about it.

I have been writing about experiences of people who are transgender since 2009 as they use the healthcare system. I had the opportunity at that time to speak about my experiences at the Transgender Day of Remembrance honoring people who are transgender and are murdered because of who they are.

If there is a fear of men, dressing up as a woman to commit a crime in the ladies room, men can do that now.  What is stopping a criminal from dressing in women’s clothing and stalking a rest room now?  This is not about being a person who is transgender, it’s about not having the resources to fight crime. It’s another way for the same people who are voted in to keep us safe by hiring enough protection now being told they must protect us from criminals – not transgender people. 

People who are transgender (in my experience) when using the bathroom they do what they have to do and get out.  There is no conversation and no one is exposed. Personally it’s probably better if we all do that!

Some questions come up in healthcare and how hospitals are supposed to find private rooms for patients who are transgender.  Yes, that would be ideal for all patients to be in private rooms to avoid the spread of infection and for privacy.  But, has anyone been to an emergency room where people lay sometimes for hours (or even days) and are separated by a curtain, all their business is being heard and sometimes their bed is in a hallway! 

When I spoke in another country about patient safety I realized, maybe too late I probably shouldn’t be speaking about people who are transgender or some other topics I spoke about.  We have to be sensitive to other cultures.  I may not approve of their having 4 wives or that women can’t drive but it’s the respect for each other that we need to be focusing on.   

The public must be more tolerant that we are walking this earth together and need to be respectful of each other even if it’s not comfortable.  More attention needs to be on the side of acceptance.  (If you are reading this, you are probably there already)

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Anonymous said...

I was expecting an article on transgender discrimination in health care. This really has nothing to do with health care. Can we get back to doing that on this blog please?

After having been shocked (but maybe not so much after what I've heard) of videos of other countries that people were literally screaming for their deaths (gay population, but I'm sure transgendered would fall into that), maybe we need to concentrate on making sure healthcare people are going to give them the same appropriate treatment that they would choose for others that they approve of.

I think that is a more pressing issue, one that should have been brought up before "bathrooms" ever is or was.