Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Joan Rivers, My 2 Cents

Joan Rivers, Death of a Legend

I rarely comment on specific cases of medical injury and this won’t be different.  There is usually more to the story than we will ever know and I don’t like to give energy to a situation that the professionals are already reviewing.  But, it wouldn’t be fair if I didn’t comment on the death of Joan Riversjust because I am such a big fan of hers, the press surrounding her death and the fact that her death came 2 weeks before our Comedy for a Cause, Patient Safety isn’t Funny But Laughter is Still the Best Medicine fund-raiser.  She could have been a headliner but patient safety is probably something her family has never even thought of.

Most people who have never lived through a tragedy such as this don’t realize that it is not the specifics of a case that matters, it’s that when someone goes in for medical treatment, they are supposed to get better or at least not worse.  Sure, all procedures are risky but for those of us who have lived it, this public attention of Joan Rivers rocks some of us to the core and trust must start all over again.

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