Monday, April 22, 2013

To Boston With Love

Following the Rush

In the days following the Boston bombing, we can carefully reflect on the hard work and heroism of the people of Boston.  No doubt the medical professionals outdid themselves over and over again.  Many training their entire adult life for the moments they can work long and hard to save lives and be prepared for the rush of people who depended on them last week.  Skills, expertise and compassion showed through in the reports of nurses and doctors who did their job under such duress only few of us could ever imagine.  May we never forget that this is the healthcare system we know and love and though this can never take away from the pain many have experienced because of its failings, we also must be grateful for the people behind those walls who are saving lives and putting people back together the best they can with the tools they are given.  God bless every one of them.

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