Friday, March 22, 2013

Safe Doctors

Physician Profiles

An article in Long Island Newsday by Reporter Robert Kessler was released on Wednesday March 20, 2013 that Dr. Gracia L. Mayard, a New York physician surrendered his license to prescribe controlled substance in February but continued to prescribe Oxycodone.  There was a warrant out for his arrest.
Mayard’s license was surrendered on February 7 but a pharmacist reported a prescription written on February 28.  Just yesterday, on March 21, Maynard was “captured”.  The report says that he brought in $1.2 million in less than two years.
It’s safe to say that this physician is a criminal and a drug dealer and a danger to the public.  He had been selling prescriptions for $150.00 the report says.
When we look up the name Garcia L. Mayard on the NY State Physician Profile website,  Mayard comes up that he is a licensed practicing physician in New York State.  He is listed as a practicing general surgeon with two offices in Brooklyn, NY and no discipline against him. 
Healthgrades also has him listed as practicing in Brooklyn and has him listed with a perfect rating from a satisfied patient.
It is appalling that this story has completely gotten past our NY State Patient Safety Center that was developed to protect us from unscrupulous doctors such as this giving fine physicians a bad name.  I understand that we can not play judge and jury and he is entitled to his day in court, but there must be a system in place that patients (and their concerned family members) are better aware of these happenings so new people don't fall victim (in case it is true).

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