Thursday, December 22, 2011

Newsday Uncovers What We Need to Know

Following the News

“Doctor Busted” the headline reads in today’s Long Island Newsday on page 4.  A Long Island doctor was arrested on charges that he was illegally prescribing drugs to people who didn’t need them and were not even seen as his patient.  Dr. Telang has written over 40 articles and works for the National Institute for Health.  He has a very impressive resume.   The story also reads that his office is in Port Jefferson but looking at the NY State Physician Profile website, it says that he is practicing in Upton and Bethpage.  The state physician profile says nothing about Port Jefferson.
In the same article we are reminded that Telang is the third doctor in the past month who is part of this investigation.  Dr. Leonard Stambler was also accused of selling prescriptions for pain killers. He too is listed in the physician profile website as practicing with a clean record.  Besides one small payment from a medical malpractice case, he looks like a fine physician if we count on the states profile to help is choose a doctor.   
Newsday reminds us that Dr. Eric Jacobson pleaded not guilty of charges that he wrongfully prescribed pain killers from his Great Neck office when in fact the NY State website says he practices only in the Bronx – and he has a clean record too.  Dr. Jacobson is the doctor who prescribed thousands of pain killers to David Laffer who killed four people at a Medford pharmacy robbery.
Do you remember Dr. Sanji Francis who was led away in handcuffs 2 years ago this month?  NY State Physician Profiles has him as surrendering his license but Healthgrades, an independent organization rating doctors and hospitals  has him still practicing in Massapequa LI, NY.
Also in today’s Newsday a health aide is accused of stealing $3,000.00 from an elderly man.  So, besides all the inaccuracy’s in the records that are supposed to help us gather empowering information, don’t believe that no one in healthcare wakes up and plans to hurt someone.  For some, they not only plan it, it has become a lifestyle.

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