Monday, July 25, 2011

Byron Garcia and Michael Bloomberg

Who is Byron Garcia and why is he important?
Byron Garcia is best known for his leadership of 1,500 prisoners dancing to Michael Jackson’s “Thriller”  following the death of Michael Jackson, prisoners wanted to pay tribute and practiced for many long hours stopping only when it rained, or to eat according to a CBS News report.
Garcia claims prisoners told him 'You have put my mind off revenge, foolishness, or thinking how to escape from jail, or joining a gang'," he said.
Byron Garcia, a businessman became the warden of the prison when his sister became governor and offered him the job.  With no experience with the prison system, Garcia transformed the prisoners from angry murderers, rapists and drug pushers to dancers who enjoyed entertaining and paying tribute to Michael Jackson through dance and rhythm teaching them cooperation and control.
Mayor Michael Bloomberg was a businessman until 2002 when he became New York Cities 108th Mayor.
In September 2010, New York City claimed to be the safest large city in America
Under Bloomberg’s direction New York City is leading the nation in job growth.
So, what does this have to do with patient safety?  Imagine if patients ran the hospitals?  We may not know the business, but we may be the best at running the hospital.  Garcia knew people and he knew what they would be willing to do to.  He knew what they needed.  A tribute to Michael Jackson.
Mayor Michael Bloomberg was not a “politician” but a businessman and turned the city around.  Imagine if I were given a year to work with a hospital and improve patient care?  I know I could turn it around and make it safe.  Not because I know every detail about patient safety standards and policies but because I know people, how to make them strong and want practice safe, quality care.
I’m up for the challenge, anyone willing?

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