Tuesday, April 26, 2011


Visiting a Sim Lab

I was invited by an administrator of a large health system to visit their simulation lab. I get very excited with this sort of patient safety education because it is an opportunity for medical professionals to train in team work, cooperation, as well as policy, procedures and communication skills.  After all, pilots don't fly the first time they are in a cock pit.  They start off in simulators.

I just can’t imagine medical training on real people any more. No wonder there are so many errors and miscommunication is one of the biggest pieces.

I often ask a nurse who is caring for the patient I am with “How long have you worked here?” If she says one year or ten years I’m not sure if it matters. But, it helps to know if the nurse is fairly familiar with the surroundings.

We can start asking soon if they have been trained on simulators. That may actually make a difference.

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