Saturday, December 4, 2010

Communication is Critical


It happened again, someone is “reading with an attitude”. I call it that because that’s what happened when someone reads something, and then interjects their own emotions into it. Read this sentence without reading any words stronger than another; “She never checked the closet”. Now read the same sentence and emphasize the words “never” and “closet”. Seems kind of accusatory, no?

I use this as part of my Critical Communication training. This is communication that includes nonverbal conversation. Wars can be started over how something is perceived. Friendships lost and business deals can go bad. I like to “assume good intentions” when I read something. It is often better that we read everything flat, with no emotion and assume the sender means well. It’s easier to get something out of a correspondence when we aren’t putting emotions into it.

Making meatloaf is part of the critical communication training. How we hear things, read things and of course how we present ourselves, especially under stress, something that happens easily when being diagnosed with an illness or just being intimidated in a doctor’s office. Stop and think how other’s may perceive your e-mails or letters when writing and then when you receive something questionable, assume good intentions.

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