Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Who is Bruce Braley?

I never heard of Bruce Braley before this week but now his name is all over the internet, at least if you are involved with patient safety. Braley, a Democrat from Iowa recently stood up for patient’s safety in Washington DC. A newly elected congressman from Iowa, Braley spoke openly and honestly with facts at hand about the problem of medical errors and the high cost to the economy. His vocal concerns, all caught on camera are now going to make him a hero with patient safety advocates across the country. Watch and see for yourself here; Bruce Braley Healthcare Debate


Sheryl Kurland said...

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Kathleen Clark said...

re Bruce Braley, I received an email that he introduced a stand-alone patient safety bill in the House, stating that President Obama was not focused enough on patient safety. I wrote Braley and told him that then-Senators Obama and Clinton had introduced legislation and wrote for the Nejm IN 2006 that was focused on patient safety. Anyway, when I reached his office in D.C., they said the information that he was introducing stand-alone patient safety legislation was erroneous.

Kathy Clark