Sunday, October 25, 2009

Patient Safety, a Convenience?

In the last weeks we read about hospital workers protesting their right to not get vaccinated against the H1N1 flu. They protested outside hospitals but still, there was a mandate that hospital workers get the vaccine to keep themselves, and the patients from getting the virus. A mandate to keep us safe until………………. It is no longer available?

Ironically the government wants to keep us safe while it is convenient. I have always been skeptical about policies that include paying large amounts of money in purchases to, lets say the pharmaceutical company that makes the vaccine? Is it only an amount of time until we trace that company back to campaign funds? I have no idea. I’m just guessing but it does concern me that the governor wants to keep us safe by making something mandatory until it’s no longer convenient.
I would hate to think that there is a choice to refill soap dispensers or practice other safety policies and standards until of course, it’s just not convenient

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