Tuesday, July 7, 2009

I recently received these wonderful photos of the “Fountain” at the National Patient Safety Foundation Annual Congress. It may, at first just look like a fountain but it is much more. It is a place that people who have suffered the loss of a family member, friend or a patient from a medical injury can put a flower in and spend time reflecting, hoping and wishing for the things that bring us all together – patient’s safety.
Anyone can come buy and put a flower in the fountain representing the loss of life or quality of life because of medical care.

The fountain won’t be found at other conferences but NPSF continually remembers the patients and hears the patient’s voice through their work.

The fountain is one of those things that makes NPSF special and makes them different than other organizations. It’s not inexpensive and doesn’t add to the educational aspect of the yearly congress but it surely does add to the humanness of patient safety and the reason we all do this work.

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