Thursday, March 26, 2009

The 2009 National Physician of the Year Awards

Imagine my surprise when my phone rang late last week and a woman on the phone asked if I were Ilene Corina. She had John Connolly on the phone and he wanted to speak to me. What could John Connolly, President and CEO of Castle Connolly Ltd want with me?

He was inviting me, and the PULSE volunteers to The 2009 National Physician of the Year Awards Ceremony. Held at the historic Hudson Theater at the Millennium Hotel, New York City.

Seven of us went and it was a lovely evening with speeches and recognition and fine food. But what was important is that we, or at least I, can recognize the great work that physicians do as they save lives, connect with patients and generally love their work. It does not take away, for a minute, the pain someone suffers when things go wrong or, an outcome in care is not what was expected.

I am glad to have the opportunities to celebrate healthcare as well as know the pain of the unpredicted. I wish everyone had that opportunity.

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