Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Medication Safety Through the Eyes of Young People

I had the opportunity again to meet with young people studying graphics design at Farmingdale University College on Long Island to develop patient safety posters.

This year, we are focusing on medication safety and low literacy. Last year was Infections.

There is no better way to educate the community about patient safety than to take the minds of young people before they have been molded to what society wants them to think and help them understand what medical errors and patient safety is about. The facts and statistics are enough to be educational but the tools and an understanding about the patients role in patient safety are crucial.

Using the information I gave them, as well as research on their own, they are coming up with brilliant ideas to educate and advocate for medication safety, specifically for people with low reading skills, through art work. Kudos to teacher Diane Hawkins for caring enough to not only develop their art skills but to educate them in this important area that would otherwise not reach them!

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