Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Critical Communication

While on an airplane this week I was close to the front and smiled as the flight attendant looked frustrated when she rambled some words about meeting our luggage when we arrive at the “jetbridge”

She saw me watching her frustration and offered an explanation. “I will have 40 people asking me where their luggage is when they get off the plane” she said. ‘I just told them but they don’t listen.”

I asked her if she ever listened to herself and heard what it was she was saying. “I know that my luggage won’t be waiting for me” I told her. After all, I just used the same airline the day before and I had to wait for my luggage to be brought out.

“How about you tell them to wait for their luggage?” I asked her. She acted like I just discovered a long lost secret. She told me that this was a great idea. “And what was that word you used where our luggage will be?”

She described the jetbridge as the walkway where the landing meets the plane. “And how many people do you think know what a jetbridge is?” Or, I wondered, hear what she is saying through the sound of the engines.

While waiting for the plane to park at the gate, we decided together that she would now tell people to leave the plane onto the ramp and move to the right and wait for their luggage. I wonder if she will still have people asking anymore where their luggage is.

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