Saturday, September 20, 2008

Count the Survivors

Who is counting the people who survive substandard medical care? I just met with the “moms” who left one hospital at different times, and in different years because they felt they were getting inadequate care. Their children survived. Other children died. But, children are hospitalized because they are sick. So people don’t understand that sick, doesn’t mean dead.

It’s hard to prove that the dead children aren’t dead because they were sick or because of the inadequate care accept that the state came in and closed down that department following some “unexplained” deaths. But when you put the newspaper away and go on with your business, do you forget? Some do, but for those who live it, they will never forget.

Four families used their right to leave a hospital with their sick children and get the care they needed. The children survived and returned home following the care they received. At one hospital they were being treated for the wrong illness. They were all born with heart problems. If they would have died, it would have been blamed on the bad heart. Hard to prove otherwise, until you look at the survivors.

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Anonymous said...

"Who is counting the people who survive substandard medical care?"
No one. There is no one to report it to. Patients need someone on their side to whom they can report these things. There needs to be a patient's counterpart to the boards and guilds and associations that doctors have and nurses have and hospitals have.