Monday, March 31, 2008


I just returned from a trip to the beautiful Massachusetts where I was asked to present at the Healthcare for All conference. I was invited by Linda Kenney of MITSS, Medically Induced Trauma Support Services who lives in Massachusetts and founded MITSS after her own tragic event there.

I was deeply flattered that she invited me. After all, this was her community, but her expertise is the support following an unplanned outcome in care. I joined her at a meeting of the MITSS Task Force where a group of women discussed how they would work together to get the MITSS Mission out and help more people.

I loved the way each of these participants took ownership of MITSS. From the quietest person in the room, to the young animated chair of the committee, each participant seemed to feel responsible to the future of this organization. The energy in the room was wonderful and really very positive.

Something felt right there. We got to spend some quality time with two staff of theNational Patient Safety Foundation who were also on their way to the conference. Our late night dinner allowed us some time to chat and even laugh – something I realized I don’t do very often any more.

It reminded me how we are really all connected. And, if we aren’t, we should be. It is often our own sad experience, fear of having a bad experience or just the knowledge of knowing how dangerous, the present state of healthcare is today in this country that has made this movement grow at all. If we stay connected and pool together our work, knowledge and resources, surely we can grow strength across America to improve healthcare. But, like many of us, we need to have a voice in our own backyard first.

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