Monday, November 26, 2007

Posters on Infections

I spent today at a local college helping the graphics design class design posters with the subject of my choosing. Of course, with the recent press about the spreading of infections and MRSA, I was able to talk to them about the importance of hand washing and just knowing about germs, diseases and hospital acquired infections.

They had a choice to design a poster for a school or a hospital or even a doctor’s office. Anyplace that people needed to be reminded to wash their hands. My first visit was to talk about the statistics of hospital acquired infections. I put a face on the numbers and we talked about the obvious things people can do to avoid infections.

Today I went back to review their posters before the final project is due next week. The most impressive thing about this is that these kids, ages 19-20 really “get it”. They can be taught about infections and the importance of hand washing, avoiding germs and proper contact. Some developed super heroes. Others focused on kid stuff like the germs on cell phones and I-Pods. Some did their project with instructions on hand washing. One young man designed a super hero that zapped the germs but wouldn’t use the word “kill” because that would not be kid friendly.

It was fun. The best part of my work is introducing people to patient safety in a friendly and fun manner. I give a 100% to my friend Diane who let’s me do this with her class. She’s a teacher who really cares about substance as well as the art.

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I like hearing about the story about the posters, but i don't see any. If you wouldn't mind putting them up on the website, it would be greatly appreciated.